Leadership Team

Mr. John Sheffield, Head of School

Mr. Joseph Peek, Associate Principal

Ms. L. Monin, Director of Operations

Mrs. M. Giancarlo, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Mr. D. Hetherly, Director of Data and Testing

Ms. T. Johnson, Director of Student Support Services

Mr. L. Mattiuzzo, Director of SPED and RTI Services

Ms. C. Eaton, Director of Enrollment and Recruitment


Ms. P. Waldmiller, Social Worker

Ms. K. Conway, Social Worker

Ms. T. Herlan, Literacy Coach

Ms. V. Crews, Office Assistant

Ms. L. Reid, Board Assistant

Mr. M. Rohloff, School Custodian

Mr. P. Gore, Assistant Custodian

Ms. N. Di Martino, School Nurse



Ms. T. Battle, Teacher

Ms. C. Adams, Teacher Assistant

Ms. T. Spina, Teacher

Ms. K. Carthon, Teacher Assistant

Ms. M. Kwitek, Special Education Teacher

First Grade

Ms. M. Willman, Teacher

Ms. C. Corbett, Teacher Assistant

Mrs. A. Farina, Special Education Teacher

Ms. H. Gasiecki, Teacher

Miss A. Wilson, Teacher Assistant

Mrs. S. Williams, Response to Intervention Specialist

Second Grade

Ms. M. Fregelette, Teacher

Mr. K. Johnson, Teacher Assistant

Ms. S. Smith, Special Education Teacher

Mr. S. Merriman, Teacher

Ms. D. Cleveland, Teacher Assistant

Ms. L. Bailey, Response to Intervention Specialist

Third Grade

Ms. M. Rojas, Teacher

Ms. T. Lee, Teacher Assistant

Ms. S. Lipscomb, Special Education Teacher

Mr. J. Morris, Teacher

Ms. L. Lockett, Teacher Assistant

Ms. J. Anzalone, Response to Intervention Specialist

Fourth Grade

Ms. A. Weber, Teacher

Mr. J. Rutledge, Teacher Assistant

Ms. N. Waldmiller, Special Education/Teacher

Ms. K. Wojcik, Teacher

Ms. N. Plenty, Teacher Assistant

Mrs. K. Martin, Response to Intervention Specialist

          Fifth Grade

Miss R. Simmons, Teacher

Mr. Q. Johnson, Teacher Assistant

Ms. J. McCarthy, Response to Intervention Specialist

Ms. L. Gore, Teacher

Ms. K. Kearney, Teacher Assistant

Mr. S. Brown, Special Education Teacher

Sixth Grade

Ms. N. Connolly, Teacher

Mr. J. Hutchen, Teacher Assistant

Ms. K. Scalise, Response to Intervention Specialist

Mr. C. Milliron, Teacher

Ms. C. Trulin, Special Education Teacher

Ms. N. Reese, Teacher Assistant

Special Area Teachers

Mr. D. Magavern, ENL Teacher

Ms. D. Rashada, Response to Intervention Specialist

Ms. J. Weldon, Physical Education Teacher

Mr. D. Smith, Teacher Assistant

Ms. A. Pawarski, Art Teacher

Ms. M. Loghry, Teacher Assistant

Ms. M. Gray, Music Teacher

Ms. C. Manahan, Building Sub

Ms. R. Roman, Building Sub

Ms. A. Chinn, Building Sub

Ms. O’Connor, RTI TA

Ms. F. Shireen, TA Sub/Recruitment Liaison

Ms. S. Cooke, Extended Day Team

Ms. K. Kearney-Wilson, Extended Day Team