Author: Lynn Monin

Extended Day Program Cancelled Dec. 6, 2018

Our JFK Extended Day Program will be cancelled today due to the weather. If your child attends our extended day program, please contact the school to indicate how your child will be going home today at dismissal. Thank you. Share...

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Fall-O-Ween Family Party 12-2PM

CSI’s Parent Association is sponsoring a Family Fall-O-Ween Party on Saturday, Oct. 27th from 12-2pm. There will be themed crafts, music, snacks and much more! Don’t forget to wear your Halloween costume. All students must be accompanied by a parent or adult family member to attend. We look forward to seeing you! Share...

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Math & Movement Family Fun Night Oct. 24 6-7PM

Math and Movement Family Night A Math and Movement Family Fun Night is a high energy math and reading event. Children use fun floor mats and wall charts to learn math and reading concepts through movement. At the Family Fun Night, you will move from station to station with your child while engaging in fun and educational kinesthetic activities. Socks must be worn in order to participate. Wear your “crazy socks” for even more fun! Please join us! Share...

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