Charter School of Inquiry (CSI), a Kindergarten through Grade 6 school, gives parents a choice and children a chance at a high quality education. Get an enrollment application by clicking on the ENROLL NOW button on the

upper right-hand side of the Home Page. Or, get an application by calling 833-3250 or by visiting the school at 404 Edison Avenue. Click on Headline for CSI features.

CSI is a school that makes learning fun by getting kids directly involved in hands-on activities. Children get excited when they explore and make discoveries on their own. They raise questions, conduct research, generate findings and present what they’ve found. They work alone and they work in groups. Inquiry takes advantage of children’s natural curiosity. It’s not only fun but helps children to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. These are the skills educators and employers increasingly say are necessary for success in getting into college and getting a high-paying job.


  • Inclusion: CSI accepts all world cultures and focuses particularly on the infusion into the curriculum of African and African-American history and culture all year long.
  • Free Extended Day Program (3:30 to 5:30 pm). Children can get homework help, and exposure to extra activities, like Girls Scouts and Boy Scouts. Great for working parents too!
  • Bus Transportation: Free bus transportation is available to any student who lives more than .7 miles form the school.
  • Literacy is top academic priority. Children must learn to read and write proficiently to be successful in school,. This is CSI’s academic focus. Every child has an individual plan to help them become proficient readers.
  • High expectations that challenge children to succeed. CSI believes in children and challenges them to excel through a rigorous curriculum that engages them in learning.
  • Free breakfast and lunch. Provided to all children regardless of family income.
  • Art, music and physical education are available to every child in every grade.
  • Extra classroom attention. Every class has two adults working with the children, a certified teacher and a teaching assistant. They work together to give children all of the attention they need to address individual learning goals.

There’s lots more. Attend one of our Open Houses, or call the school at 833-3250 and ask for a personal tour. We love to show off our beautiful school and the amazing work our children are doing.

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