Welcome to the Charter School of Inquiry

The Charter School of Inquiry (CSI) will achieve breakthrough outcomes for City of Buffalo children in Kindergarten through Grade 6 by creating an inquiry-based learning environment with an intense focus on learning to read and write well in all subject areas.

In a recent survey, 97% of parents who were asked about their experience with CSI reported they were happy with the school.

Parent Survey CSI Reopening Plan

With so much still unknown about the reopening of schools in September, CSI is preparing for a variety of possible scenarios. For the most part, the CSI reopening plan is dependent on the Buffalo Public School District’s plan, particularly as it applies to transportation.

The final decision regarding how schools will reopen rests with the Governor.

Please take a few moments to complete the survey at the following link for your children who are currently enrolled in CSI. Your input is very important to us, and this is a rapidly changing situation, so we ask that you complete this survey.


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